Special 2020 Price Freeze!
Our rates have not increased!

Daily Guest Rates:
Special Weekday Guest Rate!
$20 per person for Entry & Lounge
Monday – Friday: $14
Saturday/Sunday/Holidays: $17
Cabana: $25
Lounge: $7

Daily admission may be limited by Management if, in its judgment, capacity attendance by season members has been reached.

All Park City resident family memberships receive a 50% discount on new memberships only. (Furniture rentals not included)

Any new family membership (3 persons or more) introduced by a previous member will entitle said previous member to a 20% discount on their renewal membership! (Lounges and cabanas not included)

New family memberships (3 persons or more) will be eligible for a 25% discount from total membership including lounges and cabanas.

Family renewals of 4 or more persons with a cabana get a $250 discount on membership and furniture.

Adult/Child in
Same Residence
Park City Resident
New Membership
1st Person$450$500$525
2nd Person$375$415$425
Each Additional Person$325$360$365
Chaise Lounge$155$165$175
No deposits for memberships will be accepted. Only members who paid a deposit in 2020 have reserved cabanas. All 2021 reserved cabanas must be paid in full by May 29, 2021. Thereafter, those cabanas will be available for sale. All cabanas are sold on a first come first served basis and must be paid in full.
Children under 3 years of age as of May 29, 2021 will be free. Proof of age required.

All Members Must Provide:
• Complete attached registration form
• Proof of residency for each adult
• Current 2”x2” photograph
• Payment by cash, card, certified check or money order
payable to: Aquatic Recreational Management, Inc.