Rules & Regulations

  1. Guest privileges may be limited or suspended at any time (particular on summer weekends) within the discretion of the Management. Subscribers will be held responsible for the conduct of their guests. No person to whom recreation subscription has been denied for any valid reason will be admitted as a guest.
  2. Legally, children under 14 years of age cannot be admitted unless accompanied by an adult subscriber.
  3. The bringing in of liquor to any part of the premises is prohibited, as is gambling.
  4. Carriages will only be permitted in area or areas designated by the Management. Playpens, plastic or other type portable kiddie pools, tricycles or conveyances of any other type will not be permitted on any portion of the pool deck.
  5. Dogs or other animals are not permitted on the premises.
  6. Nurses and/or baby-sitters must be annual members or pay the daily rate to enter premises or use recreation facilities.
  7. Use of pools and other facilities of the recreation area, after closing hours, is expressly prohibited.
  8. The Management reserves the right to suspend or expel any subscribers for conduct, which in its opinion, is detrimental to its best interest. No refunds will be issued.
  9. Subscribers and guests are to be properly clothed when entering and leaving pool area.
  10. Personal chairs and lounges will not be permitted on the premises.
  11. Attendants have full authority to expel or discipline any persons who violate pool regulations or any person whose conduct is objectionable. All persons shall comply with all directions of the lifeguard or other supervisory personnel or the manager’s office. Swimming, diving, etc., is at the individuals own risk and responsibility. The Management will not be responsible for loss, damage or destruction of any property or for any accidents resulting from use of pool or other facilities. Such facilities may not be used unless an attendant is on duty.
  12. Before entering the pool, all bathers must observe the sanitary regulations of the Health Department posted by the Management. No person with an infection, fever, cold, cough, inflamed eyes, any skin disease, or wearing bandages shall be allowed to use the pool. All persons who have used oils, ointments, or lotions must take a soap shower prior to entering the pool.
  13. Rules and Regulations may be changed or amended at any time by Management. Any infractions of these rules as now or hereafter in effect shall subject the violator to disciplinary measures, such as suspension and loss of privileges or revocation of subscription.
  14. Food will be allowed in designated areas only. Food deliveries permitted in designated areas only.